New build?!


This got bug fixes/improvements on mostly the end game (final run back to starting room), and added the boost dodge mechanic I was originally supposed to have. I’ve also staggered enemy spawns so they don’t all spawn at once.

Same links as before.

WebPlayer Build

PC Build

Mac Build


Controls are WASD/Cursor keys for movement (or left stick on 360 pad)

Aim with mouse and click to shoot (or just shoot with right stick on 360 pad)

Press 1/2/3 keys to enable/disable the respective weapon slots (or press the X/Y/B buttons on 360 pad)

Press space bar to start boost (or the A button on the 360 pad)

Press escape to get into inventory menu (or press the Start button on the 360 pad)

Support coming soon for menu controlling using the 360 pad.

8 thoughts on “New build?!

  1. Howdy! From your blog on GiantBomb (, I saw that you managed to unpack .pkg files from Bastion, is that correct? If so, I’d really like it if you could point me to a build of the program that is able to do this, even if it’s just command-line. Or, if you don’t have any build, maybe I can compile it myself if I can have the code and the language it’s in.

    I realise you’ve sort of stopped with it, but I would appreciate it immensely if you could give me a hand.

      • Thanks! I’d found that already but wasn’t sure if it was yours. It looks like the programs are in C# so I’ll try and compile them. If they work well I might even try to learn C# and see if I can expand them with a GUI and such.

      • Well it’s great and I managed to unpack a .pkg file using PkgUtil. It spat out an .xml and .xnb, the latter which seemed interesting (since what I want to do is essentially look at the graphics). I looked around and found XNBDecompressor, and I also managed to compile that. However, after finding out how to use it, all it produced was a larger .xnb file. How do I get this as a usable image file (.png or whatever)?

        • All XNBDecompressor does is spit out uncompressed XNBs from compressed ones. It was largely a reverse engineering effort to use Windows authored content files on other platforms. The uncompressed XNBs will still be in some texture format like DXT5 or something.

          I would try to write some XNA program that can open XNB files and save the textures as PNG files. It’s pretty trivial to write.

          • I had a go at making my own XNA program, but since I’ve never touched C# before, let alone XNA, I was hopeless. However, after hours upon hours of searching, I finally found a program that allows me to view the XNB textures, and save them as PNG or whatever. What’s more is that it views the compressed textures, so I don’t even need to decompress them.
            If you’re interested in the program, you can see it here. It’s the one called the “Magicka Character Modding Tool”.

            In any case, thanks a lot for your help. Without PkgUtil I would never have come anywhere near this far.

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